• Inspire little minds with a quick change of decor.
  • Inspire little minds with a quick change of decor.
  • Provide classroom decoration and new textures and colours for sensory dens.
  • Blend into the outdoor wildlife, use the woodland camo netting to spy on local wildlife and birds.
  • Endless role play fun and assault course building. Create adventures that include team building and communication skills.
Inspire little minds with a quick change of decor.

Woodland Green Camouflage Netting

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$68.14 (Ex. GST)
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Expected release date is December 2019

Woodland Green Camouflage Netting


This army style camouflage netting is strong, durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor adventures. The mesh backing provides extra strength for long lasting fun. Available in different sizes so there is an option best suited to your setting purpose.

Each net has securing tassels on each corner and middle so that they can be securely attached.


Transform any areas into an awesome play area that the kids will just love. It will ignite any child's imagination making any classroom fun!


If outdoor play isn't an option enjoy recreating outdoor fun inside. Den making can be a lot of fun, it can bring a group together. Developing key skills such as coordination and communication. Small children will benefit from simple engineering tasks getting them to think in a logic manner.


Give them a new and exciting task which will enable them to learn hands on but also have lots of fun in the process.

- Hang from ceiling tiles to create underground tunnels

- Drape over tables or trays making a sensory hiding hole, lookout tent or battle camp

- Create a leafy curtain that leads to a hidden Forrest

- Spread on the floor for natural leaves and undergrowth for toys

Medium size = 2 x 3m


Hardness Scale:
2 - What is the hardness scale?
2 years +

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